Fast Credit Simulator Housing: 3 Steps Online

Getting a home loan can be a time consuming and bureaucratic process. Compare the whole market even more. A fast mortgage simulator can turn a day process into a matter of minutes. More precisely of 5 minutes, in the case of ComparaJá.pt platform.

In this housing credit comparator it is possible to access the market offer and all its specifications, which include the interest rate, total amount imputed, installment payable, spread and even commissions. And more: through a series of steps you can access the personalized offer for each case. Let’s see.

1 – Fast Housing Custom Credit Simulator for You

1 - Fast Housing Custom Credit Simulator for You

In order to be able to show the proposals that only interest you and that are in line with your situation, we have a series of steps on our website with questions directed towards this purpose.

For example, we try to find out what your monthly income is or what your professional situation is, so that you can accurately measure which bank and loan are suitable for you. And thus the rate of approval of these same credits by the chosen institution in this fast housing credit simulator is also increased.

2 – Picture with all the offers for you

2 - Picture with all the offers for you

Once you have completed all the steps to determine your profile, you will have access to a list of offers with all the necessary factors explicitly stated. You will be presented with the entity, the minimum requirements (if any), the APR (loan interest rate), the total amount allocated and the monthly installment payable.

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There is also other information that is presented to you in this step. These information which, in housing credit, are essential to make a thoughtful decision.

In this fast housing mortgage simulator you are shown, for example, how much you pay life insurance and multi – risk insurance roughly. Please note that these values ​​are only an approximate simulation, taking into account your profile.

 3 – Apply for proposals on fast housing credit simulator

3 - Apply for proposals on fast housing credit simulator

To finish the process and get access to the offer you will only have to confirm some steps in the end. In our fast housing credit simulator we customize the offer for each institution so that, in the end, you will have to fill in only a few more steps requested by the institution.

In the end, our team will present you with all the solutions you have obtained and the consumer will be able to choose which one is most attractive to you. And here you will have a solid and concrete idea about what the best option in the market for you.

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