Credit tomorrow on the account

Credit tomorrow on the account. So that your worries can be a thing of the past tomorrow. We have listed some of them in this article. Can be done, you should best submit the loan application tomorrow. However, there may not be enough money in the account. Which interest rates apply to an overdraft?

Hello, I signed up for a loan at the post office on the internet (3250?). At 9 o’clock that morning, I called and asked if the promised capital was already over, she said yes, that was promised.

When is the balance on my savings account?


Only the post office can say that exactly, they can make the loan as a normal transfer, then it should be turned on tomorrow in the course of the day. Nobody can tell you the time, it depends on the savings bank. So it should be there tomorrow.

The Education accounts are for all people between the ages of 18 and 30 who are in higher education. You are apprenticing and want to set up an account tailored to your personal needs as a student. With the Education Account package, you have the best opportunity to manage your everyday financial transactions, an account with no account maintenance fees, a very low-interest rate, and interesting additional services.

Thanks to the free e-banking you can track your account balance with us on the Internet. With the account package Education, you will be given gift articles. In addition to the many other pluses in customer service, you will receive a welcome gift and an annual credit of USD 50 to USD 100 when opening an account. With the education account package, you can also easily and inexpensively receive your further training at the preferential interest rate of 2.75% (+ 0.25% quarterly commission).

This credit is for anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 who are in higher education at the time the account is opened. The bank advisor will assist you in selecting a credit line tailored to your needs, based on a budget example tailored to the selected training.

Secure yourself today for tomorrow

Secure yourself today for tomorrow

However, this requires thoughtful behavior and procedures, as Daniela Hausheer informs. There is hardly anything to do in the current interest rate environment except to invest in the stock. I would not eradicate the stock just like that. Instead, it is advisable to look into securities with as broad a base as possible. So it’s about bundling different investment forms.

Because many people think that they are economical when their capital is on the passbook. Invest sustainably and thus pay off sustainably. Instead of becoming less and less valuable on the account, we recommend a fund savings plan for our clients. Through regular, constant payments over the years, a sum of money flows together, which can later be used to make a dream come true. This sum is then put into action.

The customer is invested in a fund, ie he or she places his / her capital in a pot from which the investments are made jointly by an asset manager. Subsequently, the client chooses in which tariff he pays regularly which amount of money. It is a long-term investment in which short-term fluctuations are of little or no importance.

Diversification is a key element of investment


This means that the investor has to divide his investment capital among different investment baskets in order to achieve a long-term result and to limit the risk. This has less to do with the selection of individual securities than with the fact that different asset classes are considered.

In addition to equities and bonds, a good portfolio mix also includes alternative investment categories such as real estate investments, commodities or gold. The portfolio mix also includes alternative investment styles. For example, we invest in Swiss and foreign companies to achieve sufficient diversification.

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